Telia Eesti AS and Eesti Energia AS entered into a long-term renewable energy partnership

Telia Eesti and Eesti Energia entered into a five-year renewable energy contract, according to which Eesti Energia would supply Telia with a total of 156 GWh of electricity, covering 70% of the electricity consumption of Telia's server rooms, cellular base stations, control centres and offices. The volume of the electricity is comparable to the annual electricity consumption of 50 thousand household customers.

Since 2016, Telia Eesti has only been using renewable electricity with purchased renewable energy certificates, and today the company itself is actively looking for new ways to use various types of renewable energy directly from the source, be it solar panels or wind energy.

"Renewable energy has played a key role in our operations during recent years and helped us move towards meeting the ambitious environmental goals we have set for ourselves," said Elis Pikmets , Chief Financial Officer at Telia Eesti.

According to Pikmets, one of Telia's goals is to make its operations both CO2-free and waste-free by 2030. The plan is to achieve these ambitious goals through responsible digitalisation, involving all its employees, partners and suppliers.

Eesti Energia has focused on helping companies implement the green revolution faster, and to this end, they are developing energy solutions that directly reduce the customer's environmental footprint.

"As a new option, we are offering our customers long-term wind power purchase agreements, allowing customers to buy clean renewable energy and fix the electricity price on favourable terms for a desired period. Renewable energy developers thus gain confidence that the production of their wind farms finds a specific owner,” explained Agnes Roos , Member of the Management Board of Eesti Energia.

All the electricity consumed by Telia will be produced in the Telšiai Wind Farm in Lithuania, to be completed in 2022. The 68.9 MW wind farm to be built by E-energija will be the largest in the country, located in the Tryškiai region of western Lithuania. It will start operating in 2022.

Eesti Energia's customers are making increasingly environmentally friendly choices: from renewable energy to solar, heating and electric car charging solutions. Last year, Eesti Energia built nearly 300 solar power plants with a total capacity of 8 MW for its customers. 2500 customers as small producers are now selling electricity generated in their own homes or companies to Eesti Energia.

In 2020, Eesti Energia produced a total of 1.5 TWh of renewable electricity. It accounted for 40% of the Group's total electricity output. The company's CO2 emissions have fallen threefold since 2018.