Eesti Energia signs EUR 320 million credit facilities

Eesti Energia has signed three new revolving credit facilities with OP, Swedbank and SEB Pank for a combined total size of 320 million euros. The term of the new facilities is three years for facilities with Swedbank (in the amount of 70 million euros) and SEB Pank (in the amount of 50 million euros) with expiration in September 2023. The term of the facility with OP in the amount of 200 million euros is for five years with expiration in September 2025. The facilities will be used for backup liquidity purposes.

The new facilities have been signed to replace existing revolving credit facilities in the amount of 150 million euros, with expiration in June 2021.

The total amount of undisbursed credit facilities now amounts to 590 million euros, consisting of the three new revolving credit facilities in the amount of 320 million euros, two long-term loan agreements with the European Investment Bank in the amount of 245 million euros and a revolving credit facility between Eesti Energia AS’s fully owned subsidiary Enefit Green AS and SEB Pank in the amount of 25 million euros.