Eesti Energia starts selling electricity to Lithuanian household customers

Eesti Energia now sells electricity to household customers in Lithuania, being the company’s fifth market for household customers next to Estonia, Latvia, Finland and Sweden.

Eesti Energia has been operating under the Enefit brand in the Lithuanian business customer market since 2007, and during the years, has gained a strong position as a seller of both electricity and gas with a market share of around 8%.

Agnes Roos , Member of the Board of Eesti Energia, said that Enefit is already a well-known brand in Lithuania and that entering the market of household customers is a logical strategic step for the company: “Our goal is to be a comprehensive partner in energy, providing our customers with useful solutions. In addition to energy sales, we aim to provide household customers with solar panels, lighting upgrade services and other energy-saving solutions,” Roos said.

Eesti Energia's renewable energy company Enefit Green owns five wind farms in Lithuania, and currently, 45% of its total annual wind power production already comes from Lithuania. Eesti Energia intends to take advantage of the resulting synergy in creating their customer offering.

“In the first phase, we will be offering Lithuanian customers a package with 100% renewable energy at a fixed price. This means that our Lithuanian household customers will receive electricity from Enefit Green's local production units,” Roos added.

The Lithuanian electricity market for household customers will open to consumers on 1st January, 2021, that is eight years later than the Estonian energy market. As Lithuania’s regulated electricity price for 2020 is relatively high, it encourages newcomers, which is why Eesti Energia is ready to enter the Lithuanian household customer market even before the market is fully opened.