Enefit VOLT brings ultra-rapid electric car chargers to customers

Today, Margus Vals, the Member of the Management Board of Eesti Energia, said at the opening of Enefit VOLT at Ülemiste Center that the availability of a convenient, nationwide and fast charging network is a key factor in the breakthrough in clean electric transport.

“By making charging options broader, faster and more convenient on the Enefit VOLT network, we are giving the electric car users the assurance that fast charging is always close. In addition to our current partners, I am pleased to begin co-operation with Circle K to promote clean transport. Of larger chains, in terms of current network, Alexela and Olerex have supported us,” said Vals. “Preparations for the establishment of the first Enefit VOLT ultra-rapid chargers in Tallinn are underway, and they will start serving customers at the beginning of the summer. The exact locations will be announced shortly, but it is clear that they will be located where the customers’ need for ultra-rapid charging is the greatest."

Enefit VOLT opened six new rapid chargers (50 kW) and three fast chargers (22 kW) at four locations in Tallinn and Tartu today and more chargers will be launched in the near future. All new chargers are suitable for electric cars that meet both European and Japanese charging standards. The upcoming ultra-rapid chargers will have a power range of 150 kW to 175 kW. Depending on the needs of our customers, more powerful chargers will be added in the future.


“Circle K is a company that cares for the environment and contributes to reducing its ecological footprint every day with a variety of activities. At both European and Estonian levels, environmental protection and reducing CO2 emissions is one of the priority issues and the proliferation of electric cars is certainly one of the most effective measures to reduce the carbon footprint. As a responsible company, we are taking the necessary steps in this direction with our customers and moving with times and demand. Over the next five years, explosive growth in the use of electric cars for private customers in Europe as a whole is expected, which will surely reach the Baltic States and Estonia. We are the first motor fuel sales company in Estonia that will start building a fast-charging network for electric cars for retail market with its partners, similarly to the Nordic markets. The number of electric cars on Estonian roads will increase exponentially in the near future, and we want to offer modern and convenient fast charging options to electric car owners already today,” said Kai Realo, CEO of Circle K Estonia.

“At Circle K, we can build on the experience of our Norwegian colleagues, where electric cars have triumphed for years and electric chargers at the service stations are commonplace. We see at our colleagues that charging points at service stations are highly valued by our customers and that the combination of a fast charging station and convenience store works perfectly with the customer's needs and wishes,” Realo added.

“The new Enefit VOLT smart app has been downloaded more than 600 times in a week. We have received a lot of positive and valuable feedback even before the launch of the service, which will allow us to further improve the user experience,” added Vals. “The Enefit VOLT symbolizes the electric future, fast charging and 100% green energy. These values have been well received by our customers and partners.”

The range of new location partners of the Enefit VOLT network is constantly expanding. Today, in addition to the well-known locations of the ELMO network, co-operation has begun in Tallinn with Ülemiste Centre, Arsenal Centre and Tallinna Tööstuspargid AS, and with Kvartal Centre in Tartu. All new location partners are welcome to come forward.

Eesti Energia is also developing a smart charging and a two-way charging service. The first of these allows you to charge at the best stock market price, and the second to make electric cars a part of the power system and a source of income for the owner. As a result of smart and two-way charging, electric cars will be more than a means of transport in the near future, by offering more opportunities for using energy and also for earning income.