Enefit Green sees the greatest development potential in Lithuania in the near future

The Lithuanian market development portfolio of Enefit Green, the largest wind energy producer in Lithuania and the Baltic States, includes three wind farm projects with a total capacity of 350 MW. As a result, Lithuania is currently a foreign market with the greatest development potential for Enefit Green, said Aavo Kärmas, chairman of the Board of the company at an energy seminar taking place at Estonian Embassy in Vilnius yesterday.

Eesti Energia's renewable energy company Enefit Green owns five wind farms in Lithuania today with a total capacity of 140 MW.


According to Aavo Kärmas, Lithuania is a strategically important market for Enefit Green. “Lithuanian wind farms already produce nearly half of Enefit Green's wind power production. However, the ambition for growth is high as we are developing three new wind farms in Lithuania. The total volume of developments is approximately 350 megawatts, which, if implemented, would triple our capacity in Lithuania today, ”said Kärmas, adding that in recent years Lithuania has been the fastest growing country in wind power generation in the Baltic States.

350 megawatts is more power than all the wind turbines currently operating in Estonia produce.

Lithuania is the first Baltic country to host auctions of renewable energy and has set an example for the other Baltic States. "Enefit Green is also participating in the ongoing auction and we are waiting for the results," Kärmas commented. “However, auctions are just one measure to meet national renewable energy targets. I believe that renewable energy will soon need less and less public subsidies, and we will see long-term electricity sales contracts directly between renewable energy developers and large electricity consumers as a new opportunity in the coming years. And not only in Lithuania, but in the region as a whole. ”

Eesti Energia's strategic goal is to produce 45% of electricity from renewable or alternative sources in 2023, which will also be supported by Enefit Green's expansion of its Lithuanian wind energy portfolio.

Enefit Green has a total of nearly 400 MW of wind farms in Estonia and Lithuania, making it the largest wind energy producer in the Baltics. Lithuanian wind farms account for a third of this and their estimated output this year is around 450 GWh of electricity. This represents 45% of Enefit Green's total annual wind power production.

Enefit Green is a renewable energy company belonging to Eesti Energia Group, with 20 wind farms in Estonia and Lithuania, four cogeneration plants in Iru, Paide, Valka and Brocen, one hydroelectric power station in Keila-Joa, 36 solar power plants in Estonia and Poland and a pellet plant in Latvia.