Enefit Green to establish solar power plants in total capacity of seven megawatts

Eesti Energia’s renewable energy company Enefit Green will build seven megawatts of solar power plants within this year across Estonia. This year, Enefit Green invests a total of five million euros in the development of solar energy.

Aavo Kärmas, the Head of Enefit Green said that their goal is to increase the amount of electricity produced from renewable energy sources. “Solar energy has rapidly grown in recent years and become more competitive. At the moment, there are more than 1,300 solar power stations in the Estonian power grid helping to cover their owner’s electricity needs,” Kärmas said. According to Aavo Kärmas, the ambition of Enefit Green is to install a total of at least 50 MW of solar panels within the next five years.

He added that since the goal of Eesti Energia is to produce 40% of electricity from renewable and alternative sources by 2022, then the solar power plants mentioned contribute to it as well. “We will surely continue to invest in the production of solar energy and we see the whole Baltic Sea region as our potential markets, where Eesti Energia is already operating as an energy seller,” Aavo Kärmas said.

The solar power stations will be established to lands in Eesti Energia’s use, but also next to Enefit Green’s power plants and to customers’ properties. One of the solar power plants will be located in Paldiski, for example, in the near vicinity of the wind farm. A second one, however, in Laaskõrve, Ida-Viru County, in the former mining area. Solar power stations will also be established next to Iru and Paide power plants. A couple of dozen solar power plants will be located at Eesti Energia’s business customers’ and help to partially cover their power consumption.

The production of electricity in the solar power plants will begin no later than the end of this year. Enefit Green will invest in the mentioned solar power plants a total of close to 5 million euros. The power plants being established will annually produce ca. 6,500 MWh of renewable electricity. Such amount of electricity is enough for more than 2,000 average households for an entire year.