Eesti Energia’s client services will be led by Jüri Teemant

From the 6th August, the client services of Eesti Energia will be led by Jüri Teemant, who has led the business client unit of Elisa Eesti for the past 7 years. As the Chief Customer Officer, Teemant will start to carry out the strategy for the client services of Eesti Energia with the goal of reaching 1 million satisfied customers in six Baltic Sea countries by 2022.

“The council of Eesti Energia has confirmed the Group’s strategy for the next 5 years with our ambition declared – to offer customers useful and handy energy solutions, and produce increasingly cleaner energy. The customer and great customer experience are at the heart of our strategy, and that not just in Estonia, but also in Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Finland and Sweden,” said Hando Sutter, the Chairman of the Board of Eesti Energia.

“In order to reach 1 million customers, we need a combination of bold product development, competitive price and excellent service. I am very glad that we will be able to carry out this ambition with Jüri, who brings fresh ideas and international experience to our team of client services,” Sutter said.

Eesti Energia is one of the few companies in Estonia, where the client organisation is managed strategically through customer experience. “As the Chief Customer Officer, Jüri Teemant makes sure that we prevent the concerns of our customers, ensure them humane solutions and surprise them with bold and value-creating services,” Sutter added.

“I am very pleased to be joining the team of one of Estonia’s most recognized companies. There is ambition in the strategy of Eesti Energia and the goals set are very clear. The targets are high, but at the same time, we hold all the prerequisites for growth and for the provision of the best service. This is what motivates me. We’ve got exciting times ahead of us,” said Jüri Teemant.

In addition to the business unit manager and member of the board of Elisa, Jüri Teemant has previously worked as the marketing director and member of the board of EMT (current Telia Eesti). He has also worked in the Nokia Group in Finland, where he was responsible for the management of sales and marketing in Scandinavia and Russia, and later he led Nokia’s sales activities in Baltic markets by being the country manager and member of the board of Nokia Eesti. Jüri Teemant has studied economics in Tallinn University of Technology and graduated from the Master’s studies of Estonian Business School.

This June, Eesti Energia’s council confirmed the updated strategic activity plan for the Group, and one of its goals is to increase the number of customers of the Group in the Baltic Sea region to 1 million by 2022. To achieve this goal, Eesti Energia will focus on the development of new energy solutions and the provision of great customer experience. As of today, Eesti Energia has a total of close to 655,000 customers in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Sweden and Finland (based on places of consumption).