The solar power plant on Ruhnu island is completed

Eesti Energia’s renewable energy company Enefit Green has completed the Ruhnu island solar power station, which is one part of the unique renewable energy based energy solution for Ruhnu.


Aavo Kärmas, the head of Enefit Green, said that the solar power station on Ruhnu island is the first stage of the complete solution based on renewable energy for Ruhnu island. “The newly completed Ruhnu solar power station consists of 600 solar panels and its capacity is 150 kilowatts. Electricity produced in the solar power station covers nearly a third of the Ruhnu island’s electricity need,” Kärmas said. He added that the works for the reconstruction of the wind turbine located on the island are about to begin as well.

“By the end of this year, the unique complete solution separated from the mainland’s power system and based on renewable energy will be ready, and more than half of the electricity needed on the island will be produced from renewable sources,” Aavo Kärmas said. In order for the electricity supply to be guaranteed on the island at any given moment and in all weather conditions, the system will be supported by a diesel generator. All electricity consumed throughout the island was previously produced using a diesel generator.


In addition to solar panels, a wind turbine, batteries and automation devices, which enable the system to be remotely controlled, are part of the energy solution. The output power of the complete renewable energy solution being established by Enefit Green is 160 kilowatts, which is enough to cover the electricity needs of the entire island. For the introduction of a wind turbine, Enefit Green is going to reconstruct one of the wind turbines installed to Ruhnu island in 2007. The second wind turbine on the island will be dismantled. The solar power station is located nearby Ruhnu airfield. Enefit Green invests approximately 500,000 euros for the development of the renewable energy solution.

The annual electricity consumption of Ruhnu island is approximately 450 megawatt-hours. Ruhnu's population is 170, but there are several times less permanent residents on the island. The area of the island is about 12 km2.

Enefit Green is a renewable energy producing company part of Eesti Energia Group. Enefit Green produces energy from wind, water, sunlight, biomass, and mixed municipal waste. The company’s production units are Iru, Paide and Valka power plants, and wind farms in Aulepa, Narva, Paldiski and Virtsu. In addition, Keila-Joa hydroelectric power plant and Estonia dairy farm’s solar power station are owned by Enefit Green. The company employs more than 90 people./p>