Eesti Energia signs 300 million EUR credit facilities

Eesti Energia has on 28 June 2018 signed credit facilities in total amount of 300 million EUR. The facilities were signed on bilateral basis with three regional banks including Swedbank (150 million EUR), OP Corporate Bank (100 million EUR) and SEB (50 million EUR). The term of the facilities is three years. The facilities were signed to provide additional liquidity for Eesti Energia in view of the recently announced acquisition of 4Energia and upcoming bond maturity in October 2018. Additionally, part of the facilities will function as back-up liquidity buffer.

The signed facilities are in addition to the existing revolving credit facilities that Eesti Energia has in place with OP Corporate Bank and SEB in total amount of 150 million EUR. Accordingly, the total amount of undisbursed credit facilities now amounts to 450 million EUR.