Updated mobile app of Eesti Energia can now be used by business customers as well

Eesti Energia Group has updated its mobile app and now also offers the opportunity to monitor electricity consumption to business customers. With the help of this upgrade, it became even more easier for all customers to analyze their consumer habits and to plan electricity consumption, thereby reducing the electricity bills.


"Private customers of Eesti Energia have already been able to use the mobile application for a couple of years, and the number of active users today is approaching 20 000. We are constantly developing new opportunities for the mobile application to bring even more benefits," said Jaak Jõgi, Eesti Energia's energy sales manager in Estonia’s market. "A recent study showed that business customers are also interested in the opportunities that our mobile app offers. Now all the functionality that was previously available only to private customers is also available for them."

Since all of Estonia has already been transferred to hourly electric meters for remote reading, electricity consumers can plan their consumption based on the market price of electricity. The application shows what the stock price of electricity will be for the next day, and the user can preplan his consumption by programming, for example, to switch on the household appliances at a time when the price will be the most profitable. "Each saved kilowatt-hour has a direct impact on the electricity bill. The approximate effect of reducing electricity consumption can reach up to 10-20% of an electricity bill. The application is a useful assistant in managing your consumption," explained Jõgi.

The mobile app of Eesti Energia is characterized by its simplicity, clarity and friendliness to the user. Any user can add needed information to the start page of the application: for example, his or her electricity consumption, the current status of the electricity bill and the stock price of electricity. "Both private and business customers can display on the start page all points of consumption registered in their names. Thus, it is possible to obtain in one place - quickly and conveniently - an overview of electricity consumption and electricity bills of all of their households and enterprises," Jõgi added.

With the updated app, you can monitor - to an accuracy of one hour - the variation of electricity consumption patterns depending on time, and compare your consumption volumes for a week, a month or a year. The user shall see - and in the most accurate way - the impact of, for example, the increase in the number of household members, the usage of more energy-efficient appliances or the beginning of the heating season, on his/her electricity bill.

An innovative application can be used by all private and business customers of Eesti Energia. Business customers can log into the application using their Mobiil-ID, and private clients - also by using their reference number and personal ID code.

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