Andres Sutt starts to work as a Member of the Board of Eesti Energia as from the 1st of December

Yesterday, on October 3, the Eesti Energia Supervisory Council approved the management board members for the next two-year contract period. Andres Sutt will start to work as a new member of the board, whose sphere of responsibility will be Customer Services.

In February this year, the Supervisory Council extended the contract with the Chairman of the Board, Hando Sutter, for another two years. The Chairman of the Board, with a management mandate until November 30, 2019, presented to the Supervisory Council a new corporate structure updated with the aim of achieving strategic goals of Eesti Energia.

The Management Board of Eesti Energia shall include the Chairman - Hando Sutter and board members - Andri Avila, Margus Vals, Raine Pajo and Andres Sutt beginning from December 1st this year. The board member Andri Avila will continue to be responsible for the financial sphere, and Margus Vals - for the development. Raine Pajo will be responsible both for the sphere of mining and energy production, and for the maintenance sector, that is - for large-scale energy production.

The new board member - Andres Sutt - will be engaged in developing the customer services sector. "Energy industry is now undergoing major changes, and we believe that those who have established good and trustful relationships with their customers will be successful. The sales of energy are increasingly based on new solutions relying upon information technology, the delivery of which is made possible by the ever increasing digitalization of industry and services. Andres Sutt's international experience and a wide range of acquaintances create good prerequisites for effective management and development of the customer services area," said Hando Sutter, who is pleased that a new board member was found among own employees. Today Andres Sutt works as a Director of Eesti Energia Regulatory Affairs.

According to Andres Sutt, in the sphere of customer services he sees great potential for development. "A very large field of activity opens up for the development of client digital solutions in the energy sector, and we want to be leaders in this. We want to bring digital energy services to a new level and offer our customers to experience something new, thus creating an added value for them. We have good know-how and experience both in digitalizing customer services and digitalizing our own processes, and this is also interesting for the world market, too. I am very glad that we have an excellent team with which we can implement innovations in energy services, " Sutt said.

Earlier, Sutt worked as the head of the banking division of the European Stability Mechanism, as the senior adviser to the CEO of the European Financial Stability Facility and as the member of the Board of Directors of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), representing Estonia in the IMF region of the Nordic countries and the Baltic states. From 2001 to 2008 he was Vice President of the Bank of Estonia.

The contract of the board member Andres Vainola will end on November 30, 2017. According to Hando Sutter, during the past three years Andres Vainola implemented important changes that significantly contributed to the development and growth of competitiveness of Eesti Energia. "I appreciate the contribution of Andres and I hope for further cooperation with him," Sutter pointed out.

The Eesti Energia Group includes more than 20 enterprises. The Group employs about 5 800 people. Eesti Energia is the largest energy producer in the Baltic States and one of the largest producers of renewable energy. The enterprise produces electricity from oil shale, wind, water, biomass and domestic waste. In addition to Estonia, Eesti Energia operates in Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Jordan, the United States of America, as well as in Finland and Sweden. The Group offers technological solutions for the maintenance of industrial enterprises. The Eesti Energia Group also includes the largest distribution system operator in Estonia - Elektrilevi.