Nearly 15,000 people follow their power consumption monthly via the Eesti Energia app

It is possible to observe and manage one’s energy consumption on an hourly basis on the Eesti Energia mobile app. In the past two years, the app has been downloaded more than 50,000 times.

According to the Head of the Energy Sales Division of Eesti Energia Karla Agan, the Eesti Energia mobile app is an important step towards a smart home, which, together with the remote reading electricity meter, helps people understand how much and at which time of the day electricity is consumed. “Smartphone and mobile apps are a part of everyday life for many people. The Eesti Energia app provides information about the electricity prices and consumption volumes through which it is possible to plan one’s electricity consumption better and reduce one’s electricity bill. The number of users of the app has grown quickly and nearly 15,000 Eesti Energia customers follow their domestic electricity costs by means of our app,” said Agan.

On the app, it is possible to watch the volume of consumed electricity by an hourly precision. For example, if a sauna was heated the previous evening, it is possible to assess how much the energy requirement of the household increased during operation of the electric stove. The stock exchange prices of the next day that are displayed in the app help users to change their habits, by scheduling their household appliances to work at a time when the price of energy is the most favourable.

Conscious consumption is a rising trend

Pursuant to the study conducted among users of the Eesti Energia app, it is used for more than helping people save money. “Electricity is not free of charge – the app helps people look for ways to save energy. For example, to choose a more energy-saving option when purchasing a new household appliance and replacing old light bulbs with LED lamps. The Eesti Energia app is not only for young technology fans; data show that there are users across all age groups. I believe that this awareness will increase even more in the coming years and consumption habits will become ever more focused on energy saving,” said Agan.

According to feedback from users, they are beginning to follow the cost and price of energy and they have started to search for ways to plan times of consumption. The bigger the household and home, the more tangible the result of economical consumption.

The Eesti Energia app can be used free of charge by all private customers of Eesti Energia. After installing the app from Google Play or AppStore and identifying the user, Eesti Energia customers can access their bills, contract, consumption information, etc. Business customers will also be able to use the app in the near future.

What kind of benefit will Eesti Energia receive from the app?

  • It provides an overview about the performance history of domestic electricity consumption
  • It will send a notification if electricity consumption significantly differs from regular consumption
  • It will direct consumers to consume more knowingly = the economy of electricity costs