Enefit Solutions manufactures electrostatic precipitators for several foreign enterprises

Enefit Solutions, which is a subsidiary of Eesti Energia, is currently manufacturing massive electrostatic precipitators and their components for several foreign enterprises, thereby continuing more than twenty years of successful work in supplying energetic devices and parts to foreign companies.

Currently, the enterprise is involved in manufacturing electrostatic precipitators for the Russian company Slavneft and for a cellulose mill located in Sweden. “Maintenance and repair works are generally planned for the autumn in the industry; for this reason, the manufacturing of electrostatic precipitators and their parts can be called seasonal work that we are ready for at any moment thanks to the skill level and experience of the team,” said Ott Licht, Chairman of the Management Board of Enefit Solutions.


Enefit Solutions is manufacturing electrostatic precipitator parts weighing over 60 tons for the Södra Cell Mörrum cellulose mill in Sweden. “It is related to the construction of a classic-type precipitator; Enefit Solutions has manufactured similar electrostatic precipitators in the past for various industrial enterprises by special order,” concluded Ott Licht.

For Slavneft in Russia, the enterprise is designing and manufacturing a more sophisticated electrostatic precipitator that is reminiscent of honeycomb, the parts of which weigh more than 50 tons. “The capacity of such an electrostatic precipitator is increased by adding the so-called combs – for example, the Slavneft precipitator consists of 11 combs. In comparison, we manufactured our biggest-ever precipitator for Enefit 140, the older Eesti Energia oil plant in 2007. That had 95 combs,” explained Ott Licht, in detailing the experience of the enterprise in performing similar work.

The electrostatic separator parts are designed and manufactured in Enefit Solutions’s Jõhvi factory for both the Swedish and Russian projects. Reassembly of the electrostatic precipitators is conducted on site, as the electrostatic precipitators are too big for transportation from Jõhvi factory in assembled form. Both projects are in the final stage.

In Eesti Energia, Enefit Solutions is the only developer and manufacturer of technological solutions for power plants and oil factories. In addition, maintenance and repair services are provided. Enefit Solutions employs about 750 people and foreign projects are also carried out in order to strengthen the competitiveness of the enterprise. The enterprise has supplied its products to more than 50 countries worldwide.

Eesti Energia is an energy group comprising 23 companies and about 5850 employees. Besides Estonia, the company is also operating in Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Jordan, and the United States of America.