Appointment of new Supervisory Council members

The Extraordinary General Meeting of Eesti Energia held today approved a new composition of the Supervisory Council, effective from 12 May 2017. The Supervisory Council now includes the following members: Väino Kaldoja, Kaie Karniol, Einari Kisel, Andres Liinat, Ivo Palu, Ants Pauls and Danel Tuusis. All members were appointed for a period of three years.

Veiko Tali and Rannar Vassiljev are no longer members of the Supervisory Council.

The Council includes three new members: Einari Kisel, Andres Liinat and Ivo Palu.

Einari Kisel is the Europe Region Manager at the World Energy Council. He has previously worked as Deputy Secretary General of Energy in the Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications and as the Head of Energy Trading in Eesti Energia. Mr Kisel has got a PhD in Energy Policy, MA in Business Administration and MTech in Thermal Engineering, all from Tallinn Technical University.

Andres Liinat is currently the Chief Operating Officer of Cleveron and Member of the Council of Tartu University Hospital. He has got diverse management background, having previously held board level positions in the administration of University of Tartu,, Swedbank, Tallinna Kaubamaja Group and Reval Hotels. He has got a Master’s degree in Business Administration and Management from Tallinn Technical University.

Ivo Palu holds the position of Professor and Director in the Department of Electrical Power Engineering and Mechatronics, School of Engineering of Tallinn University of Technology. He is a Member of the Board of the Estonian Society for Electrical Power Engineering. He holds a PhD in Electrical Power Engineering from Tallinn University of Technology.