Eesti Energia is reorganising its customer service

The changed preferences of our customers for service channels mean we are reorganising our Eesti Energia customer service from 1 August. We will focus on developing our telephone service and e-service and will soon be bringing our customers new solutions for handling contracts. Customers will still continue to be served at the Eesti Energia and Elektrilevi branches in the bigger towns.

Eve Vuks, Head of the Eesti Energia Service Department, explains that customers increasingly prefer to use electronic channels to find answers to their questions about electricity contracts. “Nearly 90% of customers now use the e-service or call the customer service line. On average, 98% of the contracts are renewed automatically and 12,000 customers use the Eesti Energia mobile app,” she says. She adds that the mobile app will be extended this year so that it can be used for paying electricity bills and for various notifications about things like the submission of readings, the arrival of a new bill or the approach of a payment deadline.

Ms Vuks points out that the changes in customers’ preferences were expected. “The open electricity market no longer raises as many questions as it did. Most of the customers have renewed their electricity contracts a number of times and many customers have switched packages. More than half of our branches are now visited by just ten or fewer customers a day. Over three years, the number of service staff in the branches has dropped from 90 to 20”.

After the reorganisation takes place from 1 August, questions for Eesti Energia about electricity contracts can be asked in the e-service, by email or by calling the telephone service, or in person in a visit to the service points in Tallinn and Tartu.

Elektrilevi, the network operator of the Eesti Energia group, will continue to serve its customers in the e-service, the telephone service, and the branches in Tallinn, Tartu, Jõhvi and Pärnu. This year, Elektrilevi has considerably improved the capacity of its telephone service, and since March this service can be used for signing network contracts.

“We will continue to serve customers at the Elektrilevi branches in the four major towns. In other county centres, customers who need detailed advice can arrange meetings with Elektrilevi specialists,” explains Taavo Randna, Head of the Elektrilevi Customer Service Department. “Organising our work in this way will ensure efficient customer service and maintain high customer satisfaction.”

Eesti Energia has also continuously put a lot of work into guiding its customers, by showing those who visit the branches how to use electronic channels.

Who should customers contact with questions from 1 August 2015?

Information about electricity contracts with Eesti Energia: electricity packages and price list, bills, submission of readings:

  • E-service
  • Customer service line 777 4040(regular rates apply)
  • Eesti Energia mobile app
  • Branches in Tallinn (63 Kadaka tee) and Tartu (5 Ilmatsalu tee)

Questions about the Elektrilevi network: submission of readings, network contracts, new connections, power cuts:

  • E-service [](
  • Customer service line 777 1545 (regular rates apply)
  • 24h breakdown line 1343 (free)
  • Branches in Tallinn (Kadaka tee 63), Tartu (Ilmatsalu tee 5), Jõhvi (Sompa 36) and Pärnu (Energia 4)
  • Meetings with Elektrilevi specialists can be arranged in all county centres.